The Octopus Girl


Many women all around the world still struggle with self-confidence issues as they are discriminated and down rated in numerous cultures.

The girl in the art-piece is basking in her femininity and clearly being proud of what she is.

The multiple tentacles of octopus in the Freudian tradition symbolize an ability to do several things at the same time. This ability is often attributed to females.

(Drawing over Newspaper)



A wise woman once said: “To find one’s inner child one needs to recover a child’s ability of trust and wonder.”

Since the beginning of human history people have been searching for something, someone beyond themselves – the Divine – to protect and guide them.

Over thousands of years the Latvian culture has preserved their search, their spiritual and everyday experience in songs and poetry called Dainas.

More than 1.2 million texts and 30,000 melodies of folk songs have been identified. They are still sung in the Latvian Song and Dance Festival that unites approximately 30,000 singers.

The song chosen for the performance tells about trust, letting go and wonder.


The sculpture symbolizes an inner guardian, who is able to protect, guide and nurture one’s inner child.

Canide(dogs, wolves, jackals) were regarded as the guides of souls in several mythological traditions.

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(Resin, Teabags, Performance)

And another, smaller guardian