Not a Victim

It is very easy to fall back into the old patterns. Especially if we have been hurt we feel powerless, unable to see the resources that we have within us, the options we have in front of us.
It is a conscious decision to open our eyes and see differently. To decide not to play the old role anymore.DSC_7143 DSC_7144 DSC_7145 DSC_7141

Family secrets

Sometimes we make a show for the outside world: “all is well, we are a perfect family”. But what is hidden behind the facade? Ages old conflicts, manipulation, different kinds of abuse.
Yet – light can come from within the pain. If but one person stands up, acknowledges the problem and breaks the circle.

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Around the poles of the planets marvelous lights are playing: a wonder brought by the solar wind. We can see them at times as dragons dancing in the sky in the very North and South of the Earth. Energy, vitality, beauty and a sheer wonder

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