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Summer Door


When walking through the villages in the Catalonian mountains in summertime one notices airy, see through chains of plastic, strings of beads or little pearls waving in the wind. These “fly curtains” are hanging in the doors of all the small shops- the baker, the butcher, the cheese shop. The vegetable and fruit shop, which sells the owners own produce from the garden and mushrooms gathered in the nearby forest.

How long will they still be there? Will they survive or will they in time give way to big city supermarkets with automatic doors and air-condition?

The transparency and brittleness of the methacrylate suggests their vulnerability, the fragility of their existence. The recycled metal speaks of antiquity and the alabaster tells of the crispiness of the countryside where it was found.

Methacrylate, alabaster, recycled metal (33x23x6cm)

Ursula Glienecke Summer Door 1

Ursula Glienecke Summer Door