Bald ist Spargelzeit in Heidelberg

Schaut mal demnächst beim Goldschmied im Plöck 46 vorbei!

Soon the asparagus season begins in Heidelberg, Germany. Have a visit at the jeweller’s gallery in Plöck 46 and see!

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Der Goldschmied

Plöck 46



Listening to Fragility


This week we will listen to the fragility of the environment and the world we live in. We will listen to, experience and embrace our own inner fragility and vulnerability in a slow-paced and mind-stimulating setting. Sculptures and other art will be used (yet not created) by the participants to help to reveal a “you” which is a perfect imperfection; someone who is truly loved by God.

Led by theologian and artist Urzula Glienecke, PhD. Musician – Isobel Jenkins.

Click to access 2017-PROGRAMME-TEXT-UPDATED-13-prog-page-only.pdf


Now open for bookings!

Fragile Creation


Amur Leopard – Critically Endangered

Black Rhino – Critically Endangered

Cross River Gorilla – Critically Endangered

Leatherback Turtle – Critically Endangered

South China Tiger – Critically Endangered

Sumatran Elephant – Critically Endangered

Yangtze Finless Porpoise – Critically Endangered

…. the list goes on and on

They are still here, there is still life in them, but we are in danger of losing so much of our beautiful, diverse creation.

It’s our responsibility

(Resin, glow element)