Bald ist Spargelzeit in Heidelberg

Schaut mal demnächst beim Goldschmied im Plöck 46 vorbei!

Soon the asparagus season begins in Heidelberg, Germany. Have a visit at the jeweller’s gallery in Plöck 46 and see!

DSC_9163 (Andere)DSC_9154 (Andere)DSC_9153 (Andere)DSC_9147 (Andere)

Der Goldschmied

Plöck 46




A Lone Foreigner


A sculpture of an ill foreigner in front of an otorhinolaryngological (nose-throat-ear) clinic stands in homage of all the hours spent in the clinics, also by me.

It is a stranger. A stranger reminding of all the people ill away from home. Who will fix his broken water tap in this foreign city?

(Glass, Resin, Recycled Water Tap)

DSC_9561 DSCF7802