Flowers of Serenity





The limbic system of the brain includes the hippocampus and the amygdala among other parts. They are responsible for the emotional life of a human being and the formation of memories. The process of information exchange between them is disrupted by traumatic events – like abuse.

Numerous children all around the world experience physical, mental or sexual abuse. In your adult life after a trauma you may have upsetting thoughts, memories, or nightmares of the event. You may feel numb or cut off from other people. You may also avoid things that remind you of the event even if you are not able to remember what happened.

Other symptoms – like constant state of alarm and vigilance, depression, insomnia, lack of self-confidence, self-loathing, panic attacks, diverse psychosomatic symptoms – can disrupt your life, making it hard to continue with your daily activities.

The “magic formula” of Trauma Therapy born in the Neuroscience is to integrate. One needs to realize, recognize and integrate one’s past, one’s trauma in the life story before it stops to control ones present life.

Resin, Acrylic, Mixed Media (installation, animation)





Safe as Houses

Ursula Glienecke Safe

Safe as Houses

… an English saying indicating perfect certainty and safety when in doubt.

How many people in this world are dreaming of safety?

How many are aching for just one good night’s sleep? Numerous people suffer from insomnia which is either stress or trauma induced.

How wonderful it would be to sleep peacefully and in safety just once…

A see-through, almost invisible form of a house creates an illusion of an enclosed place, of safety and protection.

The Methacrylate suggests a dream-like quality of the space. In the middle a transparent, insubstantial figure is sleeping deeply.

Is she dreaming of safety?

Is she protecting herself?

Is someone protecting her?

Or is she just a dream herself?

Ursula Glienecke safe2

Methacrylate , plastic , tempera on canvas 20×20 25x30cm