Freedom and Roots


A female figure is gently swaying in the wind. Is she growing upwards from her roots? Or is she held back by them?

Roots are considered the most important thing in my culture. Your country, your history, your house. You are not supposed to leave them. But what about freedom, growth and transformation?

She is wearing the collar of a Presbyterian pastor, which is a tension in itself: Presbyterians were among the first to fight for women’s rights and the right to vote; yet they also gave fundamentalism its name.

The collar of a female pastor could be the sign of change towards openness and transformation.

Women’s ordination is still denied in many countries (or even taken back as in the case of Latvian Lutheran church). Not to mention huge and important denominations such as Roman Catholic and the Orthodox churches who do not ordain women at all. The situation in other world religions is mostly not much better.

Ursula Glienecke

wire, chicken wire, wood (2,30m)

Ursula Glienecke


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