The Octopus Girl


Many women all around the world still struggle with self-confidence issues as they are discriminated and down rated in numerous cultures.

The girl in the art-piece is basking in her femininity and clearly being proud of what she is.

The multiple tentacles of octopus in the Freudian tradition symbolize an ability to do several things at the same time. This ability is often attributed to females.

(Drawing over Newspaper)

Safe as Houses

Ursula Glienecke Safe

Safe as Houses

… an English saying indicating perfect certainty and safety when in doubt.

How many people in this world are dreaming of safety?

How many are aching for just one good night’s sleep? Numerous people suffer from insomnia which is either stress or trauma induced.

How wonderful it would be to sleep peacefully and in safety just once…

A see-through, almost invisible form of a house creates an illusion of an enclosed place, of safety and protection.

The Methacrylate suggests a dream-like quality of the space. In the middle a transparent, insubstantial figure is sleeping deeply.

Is she dreaming of safety?

Is she protecting herself?

Is someone protecting her?

Or is she just a dream herself?

Ursula Glienecke safe2

Methacrylate , plastic , tempera on canvas 20×20 25x30cm

Freedom and Roots


A female figure is gently swaying in the wind. Is she growing upwards from her roots? Or is she held back by them?

Roots are considered the most important thing in my culture. Your country, your history, your house. You are not supposed to leave them. But what about freedom, growth and transformation?

She is wearing the collar of a Presbyterian pastor, which is a tension in itself: Presbyterians were among the first to fight for women’s rights and the right to vote; yet they also gave fundamentalism its name.

The collar of a female pastor could be the sign of change towards openness and transformation.

Women’s ordination is still denied in many countries (or even taken back as in the case of Latvian Lutheran church). Not to mention huge and important denominations such as Roman Catholic and the Orthodox churches who do not ordain women at all. The situation in other world religions is mostly not much better.

Ursula Glienecke

wire, chicken wire, wood (2,30m)

Ursula Glienecke